Thursday, October 24, 2019
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In the most basic sense, organic means grown or raised naturally. For crops, this means that no chemicals (e.g., pesticides), sewage sludge, radiation, or genetic engineering are used on the product. In short, organic products are better for humans, animals, and the Earth. They don't contribute to pollution, they promote humane treatment, and they contain only what nature meant for them to have - no chemical residues, growth hormones, or "Frankenfoods."

Organic products typically cost 10 to 40% more than similar conventionally produced products. Processed organic seeds vary in price when compared to their conventional counterparts. Prices may be higher because organic produce is produced on a smaller scale, and may need to be milled or processed separately.
The downside is that organic products typically cost 10 to 40% more than similar conventionally produced products because they are considerably more labour-intensive. Organic farmers cannot use low-cost shortcuts like pesticides and herbicides; they expend extra effort and time to get rid of pests and weeds naturally (for example, by using natural predators and weeding manually).

With a strict selection of controlled growing areas Raj Foods International guarantee high quality for organic seeds. We guarantee constant high quality and great characteristics for all our organic products. With a provident selection of seeds we can generate this high quality even without chemical-synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

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