Thursday, October 24, 2019
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We have self-sufficient manufacturing units spread across an area of 45,000 sq ft with a touch of modern technologies. Our production units are facilitated with modern machineries. Before processing we engage in cleaning of the seeds. We use pure water for cleaning and use winnowing basket for dusting and dirt removal. The other processing procedures of our firms are:

  1. CLEANING: After harvesting, the sesame seeds are cleaned and hulled. The first stage of the hulling process is cleaning. The sesame seeds pass through an air separation stage to remove any foreign particles.

  2. HULLING: In Hulling process a combination of water and friction work together as the seeds are passed against the Chamber of the hulling machine to separate the hull from the seeds.

  3. DRYING: Drying is one of the most important stages in processing to ensure high quality. Further there is the chance of forming poisoning bacteria on some spices which is a real danger if proper washing and drying is not done. For drying we use auto dryers.

  4. SORTEXING: We are using U.K imported Z-3 and Z-4 Sortex machines along with the MTR, Aspiration, Destoner and Gravity machines with the help of which the seeds are graded by size, density, color and flavor supplying consistently high quality sesame.

  5. PACKING: Packaging becomes very important in case of food products. We ensure safe packaging of all our products, to ensure that products remain free from contamination and leakage. For packing SesameSpices and related products, poly packs and multiwall paper bags are used.

We also have cold storage facilities at our end to retain the quality of our agricultural food products spread across an area of 10,000 sq ft. With a team of dedicated & competent personnel, upgraded machinery and huge production unit, we are able to meet the client's expectations.

Our vast infrastructure also comprise of a capacious warehouse that can store large amounts of procured products at any given point of time. We also have the facility to store our products in private and government warehouses. While storing our products, we make sure that hygiene is given utmost importance. We maintain a controlled atmosphere inside the warehouse that is free from moisture & dust. For keeping the rodents and pests at bay, we make it a point to fumigate the store house on a regular basis.

Our people are engineered to produce sesame seeds of the fines quality with a silky finish. Each Seeds Is subject to stringent testing for physical, chemical, nutritional and biological properties.



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