Thursday, October 24, 2019
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In this Frequently Asked Questions section we have tried to answer some of the questions, if you need answers to any specific questions which are not listed below, Please feel free to contact us using our "Contact Us" page.

Raj Foods International is located in Unjha which is situated in Gujarat state in India. Unjha is Asia's largest market hub for Cummin seeds.

Yes, Raj foods exports pure 100% organic products worldwide. Our NOP certification ensures that our organic products are of world class standards.

Raj Foods international is a reputed processing house, we source our agri requirements from trusted agri houses and process them inhouse usig state of art machinery. Our products are globally certiffied by reputed rating Agencies like ISO, Kosher, NOP, NPOP

An automated hulling plant with a maximum capacity of 100 tons /day is involved to process the sesame seeds. This features the hulling without any human touch during the entire process and is completely mechanized and automated. This process ensures uniform grain quality and avoids biological impurities.

Mechanically Hulled implies the process of hulling is done with machines by mechanical process (and not treating with chemicals) whereas mechanically dried implies the process where the soaked seeds are dried in the machine chamber and is not laid on the floor open to sunlight.

Every lot is autodried with complete automated equipments. Sun-dried on special request can be supplied to you.

Being Caustic Soda a very primitive chemical, has been discarded by us since 1992. Owing to our hulling modern gadgetry, the chemicals used to hull the seame is in line with the health and nutrition standards adopted by most of the countries.

A state of the art-plant to produce 100 MT/day is installed at our factory Unjha. 25% of the production / day can be dedicated to any single buyer. Natural sesame can be supplied to a maximum of 1000 MT/fortnight subject to the seasonal availability of good quality product.

Each and every member of Raj (from management to Labors) is trained and supervised by professionals to maintain hygenic environment within the factory. Start from the harvesting of the seeds to the process of hulling, pre-defined steps are followed to avaoid any contamination in between the process-cycle. Morover each and every farmer has been pre-selelcted and registered with our organization to supply the premium seeds.


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  • Buhler Appreciates Raj Foods Buhler has Appreciated Raj Foods commitment for its contant endeavor to achieve best quality by adapting latest technology. This appreciation exemplifies our stong commitment to Quality.
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